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Eleanor Esmonde-White

Eleanor Esmonde-Whit...

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Hennie Niemann(jnr)

Hennie Niemann (jnr)...

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J.H. Pierneef

J.H. Pierneef...

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Herman Van Nazareth

Herman Van Nazareth,...

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Eclectica is a purveyor of fine arts, antiques and objects d'art. Our emphasis is on finding beautiful, interesting pieces both locally and internationally. While what is beautiful or of interest, can be universal, we respect that it may also be culturally based. Hence our range of stock at any one time, is very Eclectica... We also believe that buying quality pieces often turns out to be investment savvy in the long term, by at least keeping pace with inflation. However, we encourage our clients to buy what they like or find desirable as a first rule. In this way, the investment element is a bonus as the acquisition of art is both a discretionary expense and a pursuit of the heart.